Hi, I’m Christian. Creative Strategist & Cinematographer based in London. I've been helping elevate brand creative & digital experiences for Sports & Status Brands for the past decade.

Some of the clients:




Somerset CCC





Campaign Ideation

Brand Narrative

Creative Strategy

Creative Pitching

Other skills:

RED Cinema Systems

Adobe Premiere Pro

Treatment Creation

Client Relations

Project Management

Productions & Equipment



NBC Universal


RED Dragon X 6K

Sigma T2 Lenses

Passion for Brand: From Startups to Corporations, My Journey So Far.

My passion for brand started when I was young, and I have pursued this passion by working with a variety of clients and projects over the years. I have worked with and with startups, small businesses and large corporations, curating creative output for print and digital.

As a Creative Strategist, my focus is on elevating the standard of work across brands as well as leveraging brands themselves to resonate as much as possible with its customers. I believe that brands should be character and narrative based; my approach to creative reflects this belief. I work closely with my clients to understand their core character  to ensure that the brand stands the best chance of standing out and defining its own stance.


Morgan Cooper

Writer & Director of 'Bel Air'

Mikey Van Beuren

Commercial Director of Photography

Scott Perry

Commercial Director and Film Maker


Client Interaction

My creative process centers around client communications. Immersing myself in their world, I grasp their vision, values, and brand as a whole. Meaningful conversations inform my decisions, ensuring the later output is fully informed. This fosters trust and transforms their vision into an authentic creative solution.

Creative Strategy

Having a strong creative strategy is vital as it serves as the compass that guides all creative endeavors. Wether it's for a single campaign or an entire creative platform, the clear direction will ensure compelling work that resonates with audiences.

Art Direction & Execution

To develop an effective art direction, it's important to understand the brand's essence, its target audience, and the intended message. This can be achieved through research and analysis, which can uncover insights about the brand's history, values, and cultural context. Once this information is gathered, designers can create a visual strategy that defines the art direction, including elements such as color palettes, typography, imagery, and tone of voice.

Film & TV

Havoc / Netflix


Alex Rider / Amazon


Doctor Who / BBC


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